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Join Our Panel

Welcome to Mars Research where we value your opinions and time

Thank you for your interest in becoming a select member of our Research panel. This is a unique opportunity to give your opinions on new products, services and ideas. Most projects allow our participants to be compensated for their opinions and/or receive free products or services. The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for research purposes only. We will never sell your information or disclose your name to our clients. Mars Research has been doing surveys for over 30 years and we look forward to having you participate in one of our studies

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Research Panels please click next and fill out the short questionnaire. We can then contact you to participate in various research projects, taste tests or focus groups. You must have a valid email address and working cell phone number to participate.

This page is for NEW Panel Members only. If you have already registered to be in our panel or have already participated in a research study with us and have any questions, comments or need to update your contact information please email

Please read our privacy policy at

Consent to Participate

I voluntarily agree to participate in research studies conducted by Mars Research on behalf of our clients. I understand that as part of my participation in these research studies I will be asked to disclose certain personally identifiable information including, but not limited to, my name, physical address, email address, home telephone number, work telephone number, cell telephone number, gender, age, race and other personal information necessary for contacting you about research test opportunities.

I understand that the Personal Information that I provide will be disclosed to Mars Research or an independent party working on behalf of Mars Research for the purpose of the research study. My personal information will not be provided to any other company not acting on behalf of Mars Research. It will only be used to contact me to participate in a research study and not for sales solicitation. (For more information see our Privacy Policy)

Panel members will be contacted through home, cell phone, email and or text messaging to arrange or confirm research project appointments.