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Mars Research is dedicated to providing quality Market Research Services in a responsible and professional manner

With over 30 years of service, Mars Research is one of the most trusted data collection companies in South Florida.
We strive to offer a customized product – at Mars Research one size does not fit all.

Our Research Process Produces Results


Identify and define marketing opportunities and problems.


Generate, refine + evaluate marketing actions.


Reliable samples screened by experienced recruiters.


Unbiased, secure + confidential research solutions.


Actionable insights = educated decision-making.

At Mars Research we strive to offer a customized product.

Successful research techniques begin with understanding the specifications of our clients. Our research provides reliable and concise data on consumers, professionals and businesses, as well as a full range of special target audiences. Committed to identifying market opportunities, next steps and pitfalls that impact your marketing and business strategies, our team of experts offer reliable insights that drive valuable return on investment. Mars Research offers a range of services that span across all aspects of the research process.


Mars Research offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass all aspects of the research process. Through the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination and use of information we identify opportunities that may impact your marketing and business strategies based on reliable insights that drive valuable return on investment.

We offer custom solutions for all of your qualitative and quantitative research needs including custom research design, data collection, recruitment, statistical analysis and reporting. Mars Research works closely with clients to plan each project, design the research, analyze the findings and present a report that draws concrete conclusions and makes actionable recommendations.  Mars analysis is designed to go beyond basic description and is used to bring new products to market, position advertising and measure its effectiveness, create new customer development strategies and build customer loyalty.

  • MARS Listens:  Conducting qualitative research with the goal of understand customer’s attitudes and beliefs using in-depth interviews, focus groups and usability labs.

  • MARS Explores: Solutions for new innovations, product modifications, advertising and marketing campaigns and concept testing both onsite or in the field.

  • MARS Explains: Surveying consumers or businesses to compile demographic data on target markets, gauge customer satisfaction or investigate market segmentation.

Mars Research #1 Marketing Research Services

Focus Group Facilities

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Focus Group Facilities

Our upscale Ft. Lauderdale Focus Group facility offers a large conference room, spacious client viewing, video steaming and a professional team of recruiters that can tackle any project

Sensory Research

Sensory Research

Mars Research conducts sensory evaluation for a wide range of clients. Testing completed at our CLT Testing facility or respondents can be directly recruited to a client’s location.

Usability Studies

Usability Studies

Our state of the art usability testing lab that allows clients to clearly observe and evaluate the testing on any type of interactive product including: websites, interactive software, hand-held devices, paper prototypes, ATMs, kiosks, automated voice response systems and more.

Online Research

Online Research

Collecting data online via phones, tablets or computers is a fast and effective wat to capture consumer insights as well as immediate feedback following a user’s experience or transaction.

Multicultural Ethnic Studies

Multicultural Ethnic Studies

Companies must know their consumers are figure out the best way to reach them. Our Ethnic Research pinpoints certain groups based on their race, national origin or distinctive cultural patterns.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Mars Research does not simply summarize statistical findings, we make insights accessible and actionable. We ensure data is accessible and easy to understand by using charts, graphs, infographics and dashboards to convey data heavy information.